NCIS the game pc

NCIS The Game pc
 That's a long time that the company has invested our Experts PC, then our consoles for us to participate in their adventures bloody well. Crime series NCIS fits their now not with a first episode offering four different cases to solve ...

As CSI is once again Ubisoft has acquired the license juicy. The player could therefore fear, rightly, that the publisher is content to apply step by step recipe already used the first series

NCIS The Game pc
Join your favorite characters and enjoy the NCIS team, its characteristics and its own personality. Interact with the characters through different situations and dialogues designed to be part of the dynamic of the transaction.

NCIS The Game pc
Complete mini-games, recorded crime scenes for clues and evidence using the latest forensic tools to examine the evidence and to conduct autopsies, interrogate suspects and test your reflexes in action sequences intense. Collect clues and use your instinct to find the truth.

Console: PC
-Game Genre: Adventure
-Released :04-11-2011