City of Fools PC

City of Fools PC

 You can play on your PC City of Fools. ca is helping a print journalist to investigate a mysterious UFO contact case of the

Tundel strange city. The editor sends you to interview the mayor of the accident. City of Fools is memorable for its funny characters

and eccentric with their stories, bizarre ideas and problems résoudre.Surmonter all incredible obstacles, find the mayor and complete your quest

laughter in the city fous.l the editor is Absolutist and Dévellopeur is Nevosoft is a hidden object games

The game was released in France in 2012
Voiçi supplimentaires some information:
- An animation fun
- There are about 500 sites
- More than 100 hours in Expert mode
  - Over 8 hours of casual
- There are also 10 mini-games
- Your Original comic story line
City of Fools PC

City of Fools PC
This game is in ISO format there are no Files included with the Game

the game is in english size 245 MB

have fun playing and thank you